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Ithaca Hummus – Automated Bean Cooking Line

Ithaca Hummus

Rochester, NY

Conductor led a Design-Build production line installation and facilities upgrade for Ithaca Hummus within LiDestri Food's Lee Road Facility. Scope included the installation of a new automated bean cooking line, automated raw material unloading and conveyance systems, a vaccum cooling system, as well as all necessary utility and product piping including the addition of new floor drainage.

10 months

Scope Highlights

Project design partners included Ithaca Hummus, LiDestri Foods, Blentech, Flexicon, Crosby-Brownlie, and Radec Electric.

Equipment was ordered 9 months in advance of installation to meet project schedule as Conductor worked with all design partners in parallel of lead times to ensure all aspects of scope were covered prior to work start.

Equipment went into commissioning in June 2022 per original schedule.
Cost was controlled throughout all aspects of project to ensure clients budgetary goals were met.

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