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Aseptic Line Install – Califia

Pennsauken Packaging Company

Pennsauken, NJ

This project was performed in a design-build capacity in collaboration with Pennsauken Packaging Company for the equipment installation and facilities support infrastructure for a new high speed high-acid aseptic packaging line with direct blow-molding capabilities.

4 months

Scope Highlights

Project design partners included Pennsauken Packaging Company, Sidel, Tetra-Pak, Crosby-Brownlie and WYCO Mechanical.

All upgrades were performed in an operational food plant, and performed to all food safety and health standards, including the removal and replacement of a 3,600 SF area of slab that needed to be removed and replaced due to upgraded equipment loads within a one week period.

Conductor and Crosby-Brownlie worked with all equipment vendors to design-build and install all of the sanitary product and CIP piping for the aseptic filling proces, inclduing utility support needs from the existing facility.

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