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Indoor Vertical Grow

Green Living Technologies

Rochester, NY

Design-build conversion of 5,000 sf of warehouse space into a controlled environment agriculture space housing a vertical grow farm for basil, micro greens, and an eventual transition to hemp.

3 months

Scope Highlights

  • Design-Built 3,600sf controlled environment indoor vertical farm
  • Design-Built 1,400sf propagation room
  • Worked with Operator to define performance requirements and associated utility needs
  • Design-Built a custom HVAC system to manage significant heat loads from grow lighting and bio-mass, with ductwork that provided long throw directional air flow across crop walls
  • Design-Built a custom structure to support 240lf of 8’ high vertical grow wall planters with moveable grow lights on trolleys.
  • Design-Built irrigation system with RO system and storage tanks.

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