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Love Beets Production

G's Fresh / LiDestri Foods

Rochester, NY

Conversion of 96,400 sf of ambient warehouse space into a state-of-the-art food processing facility.

$8.6m Facilities Construction / $11m Process Install

Scope Highlights

  • Process utilities to building and production lines
  • Process room construction (IMP walls, floor drains, floor coatings, wash-down ceilings, LED lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC)
  • Conversion of existing loading docks and WIP area to cold storage
  • Installation of hygienic air system for high care product
  • Process waste handling equipment and treatment system
  • Equipment lines:
    • Retort cookers (3)​
    • Vacuum packing line
    • Steam cooking / bagging line
    • High care packaging line
  • Office area and production support area build-out​

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